What is an IP Changer Program?

An IP Changer refers to a configurable network program that helps you change your IP address, DNS Server, Subnet Mask, DHCP and Gateway easily.


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The aim of this tool is to hide the real IP address therefore ensuring that you remain anonymous over the internet. Changing your IP address to avoid tracking is not much different than changing your phone number to avoid telemarketing or stalking. There is nothing wrong with trying to keep your IP address private for the right reasons. As a result, it hinders companies from tracking your browsing habits and also it ensures that you steal information from websites without being noticed. However, use of this software for illegal activities will not protect you. Law enforcement and courts can use legal processes to obtain your true information.

It has an interface with very few menus as well as a bunch of buttons that allow creation of new IP configuration. There is no limitation of the number of IP addresses to be created and therefore you can create a number of them that suits your needs. It also places a shortcut in the system tray, so that you have easy access to its features. These include Restore, Minimize, Terminate, add IP Set, apply IP Set, or Manage Connections. In addition, IP Changer also includes a section where it displays information about your current network configuration: MaC / ipaddress, DNS, DHCP and DNS Server.

The IP Changer is portable and can be carried using the removable storage devices. This means that the program must not be installed.

Once you have made the necessary modifications to the IP address and everything else, you are free to safely surf the internet. You can now rest assured that your traffic is redirected and no one can track you. IP Changer is a recommendable choice if online privacy makes one of your top priorities. By using a different IP, it routes the traffic through various servers and whoever is trying to track you will have a real challenge ahead of themselves. There are many IP Changers available on the internet such as Hide My Ass http://hidemyass.com/, visit the link at the top to read more about it.