A Look at the Minecraft Beginners Guide

If it is your first time to play Minecraft for free, you have to know these tips and tricks for you to survive the first few days and night while playing the game.

It is known that playing it will surely let you exercise your mind and your ability to win your way out fighting those monsters you encounter through the course of the game.


minecraft for free

Be Familiar with the Control Keys

These keys work on both Mac and PC controls:

Left Shift used to sneak or crouch. Holding this key will let you prevent blocks from falling and going down on the ladders
space used for jumping. When you are in water, hold the key so you can swim in an upward motion to breathe.
a allows you to move backward
w allows you to move forward and for you to make a sprint, you just need to double tap the key.
d allows you to move to the right.
s allows you to move to the left.

Surviving Your First Night of the Game

On your first night, you have to gather up things like cobblestone, wood, and charcoal or coal so you will be able to fight those night monsters when they appear. Once you see useful items, be sure to collect them since you can use them later on. These items are seeds, eggs, and the things that are mostly dropped by monsters like bones, gunpowder, and zombie flesh. If you want to avoid the night and skip seeing those monsters, you will need wool for the bed. However, you will surely miss the fun once you skip the night.

It is crucial that you do things quickly so you will be able to gather all the essential things you will need. You have to remember that a Minecraft day and night are approximately 10 minutes. If you build your shelter, make sure that it is near your spawn point to easily find it when you die.


When You Start Minecraft, Remember These Points:

• Your spawn point is the place where you will appear each time you got killed in the game. For you to locate this point immediately, you should mark it with an “X”.

• There are some considerations for you to make while you play the game. Go and decide whether you want to play as a single player or a multiple player since it has some rules to follow. Playing the single player will let you truly enjoy the game.

• If you see that you are surrounded with sand, then you are in a desert. Look for trees or green ground since you can use it to gather wood. If you don’t see anything green, just move your cursor until you find it.

• If you are surrounded by water, then you are in an ocean. Be careful since this is a rough start, but you can surely manage by starting over. When you are in the ocean, you need to swim your way up to find the ground and start the game.

• When you are in a mushroom biome, you will see a purple land and giant mushrooms as well. This biome have no monsters but have no wood, so get some stone and wood before heading there.


When you have acquired your own account, these points will surely help you know your way around even if it is just your first time playing this sandbox game.

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